People's Animal Welfare Society
Eastern Province


Ex-Pat Logistics Bahrain Veterinary Service
Ex-Pat Logistics

Ex-Pat Logistics can help you with your pet relocation needs.

For more information on their pet handling services visit their website or view their Memorandum of Veterinary Services and Pet Handling.

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Bahrain Veterinary Service
Dr. Nonie Coutts

Until further notice we are suspending Dog Boarding and Import/Export Activities.

Import - Export - Boarding - Veterinary Care

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Delmon Boarding Kennels Pet Imports Saudi Arabia
Delmon Boarding Kennels

  • Boarding
  • International Pet Relocation
  • Playday Care

P.O. Box 18225
Manama, Bahrain

Telephone: 00-973-3-971-7609
or 00-973-3-972-9868
Tel/Fax: 00-973-1-769-4066
or Email

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Pet Imports Saudi Arabia

For all current information pertaining to pet imports within Saudi Arabia, particularly the Eastern Province,

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Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs

Andrew Bentham

Dog Bahaviouralist

Telephone: +966 13 869 8100
Cell: +966 508 478 314
or Email

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