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Zacky is a very sweet, intelligent, good-natured pre-bred Saluki. He is very trainable and fun and likes the challenge of learning, he loves to run like a mad thing, but is otherwise calm (if sufficiently exercised). He is a rescue puppy that I am fostering till he finds his forever home. He is good with friends kids and other dogs and curious about cats. He is very affectionate for his breed (loyal but not overly demonstrative) and follows me round the house and curls up near me when I am cooking or working at my desk or watching TV. See him playing with my other foster dog here.

Breed Pure Saluki
Weight 5
Color gold with white markings
Personality very good natured and bright
Location Khobar
Exercise Required leash walks and free run
Grooming Required minimal: sponge bath
Gender Male
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
House/Litter Trained Yes
Vaccinated (up-to-date) Yes
Special Medical Needs No
Micrchipped No
Sterilized No
Good With Cats Unknown
Good With Dogs Yes
Good With Children Yes

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