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We have dragged him all over the world in the last 5 years and just can’t do it to him anymore: Saudi to Dubai, Dubai to Malaysia, Malaysia to Dubai, Dubai back to Saudi and now need to return to UK. Unfortunately we are moving back to UK in 3 weeks after only 6 months in Saudi and we cannot put the dog through the 3 months quarantine process for the UK. We went to the vets 2 days ago to start the repatriation process and were informed that we need to wait one month after his vaccinations (only done them last week), then get his blood tested, wait 3 months and if all is clear we can transport him to UK. The alternative is 3 months quarantine in UK. We will only be based in UK till June 2017 and then need to move to Switzerland who have their own quarantine issues to deal with, I just can’t do this to my wee dog, I want him to go to a loving family. He (Pebbles) is 6.5 years old, in excellent health and has only just got all his 12 months vaccinations last week. He has a full veterinary passport, microchipped and all vaccinations are up to date. We also have all his importation permits to Saudi if required. He is an amazing pet and fully house trained, very loving as long as he gets his walks :)

Breed shitzu
Weight -11
Color white/brown
Personality calm, relaxed, loves his walks
Location ALKhobar, Oasis Gardens,
Exercise Required yes, he loves his walks
Grooming Required yes, due to the hot climate
Gender Male
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
House/Litter Trained Yes
Vaccinated (up-to-date) Yes
Special Medical Needs No
Micrchipped Yes
Sterilized Yes
Good With Cats No
Good With Dogs Yes
Good With Children Yes

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